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In 2019, Building Brands Together started as a Full Service Merchandise company as a subsidiary of VaKaGroup B.V.


The concept behind BBT is to fully unburden retailers when it comes to stocking products of contracted suppliers at the point of sales (POS) inside shops. Our goal is to make sure that retailers can focus on their core business and presentation. This method also ensures that the stocks and branding of the respective product are always up to date. It is the market that expresses the need for these services. 

Building Brands Together offers its services to brands sold at various retail chains. Our team of specialised and in-house trained Rack Jobbers currently covers the entire Benelux. Furthermore, the app developed by BBT allows us to make the entire Full Service Merchandise process more insightful for both the retailer and the supplier. The brand's supplier helps to train our Rack Jobbers so that they can provide the services entirely in line with the requirements of the supplier that uses BBT. After all, our Rack Jobbers are the supplier's calling card on the shop floor! 


The full unburdening of the retailer as a Full Service Merchandise service provider with the following goal always in mind: “Jointly maximising the mutual rate of return on the product”.


Creating a long-term relationship with both the supplier and the retailer based on the core values quality, unburdening, effectiveness, and reliability.

The employees of Building Brands Together set the bar for the quality of the services. They are the brand ambassadors. BBT's management is based on inspiration, motivation, training, and facilitating – all based on the input of the brand that is supplied. As such, we recruit our Rack Jobbers with great care to ensure that they are indeed great ambassadors of our core values and fulfil our promises. That is why we set great store by personal development. 

Our Rack Jobbers can improve themselves every day and offer their input and ideas for improvement regarding the work process to, ultimately, increase client satisfaction. That is what Building Brands Together is all about because we believe that optimal client satisfaction is the key factor for the long-term success of all stakeholders. 

A full unburdening package through Full Service Merchandise – that is our strength!

Would you like to know more about how we can support your brand? Feel free to contact us for a noncommittal talk. We are happy to translate your wishes into concrete and measurable actions. 

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